Brekov Castle, Slovakia

Hello everybody!

Along with spring are approaching beautiful sunny spring days which are amazing for walks and tours. If you come from Slovakia (or borders of UA/PL/HU), you should certainly visit this castle located near town of Humenné in Eastern Slovakia. It´s a nice not very long walk which takes around 20 minutes. So what are you waiting for?

Brekov Castle is a medieval castle whose ruins are easy to follow on the road between the towns of Humenné and Strážske. You can see it from afar. It´s located on the western edge of Humenné Hills – Vihorlat part, above the village of Brekov at an altitude of 280 m n. m. It was built in the Middle Ages as a castle guard, along with other nearby castles – Jasenov, Wine, Čičva. From the castle hill is a beautiful panoramic view.

Since 2009 happens a reconstruction of the castle by the civic association, which is since 2009 member of the trade association Save the castles. The castle area is freely accessible to all visitors.

Ruins stand on the bare hills in the western extremity of Vihorlat, 4 km southwest from Humenne in the valley Laborec near the village with the same name. They were built in the 13th century and belonged to the system of castles in Hungary – Poland road. In the first half of the 15th century, strengthened its fortifications and shortly afterwards played a significant role in internal political fights, especially in 1466 when the walls of his armies met in battle of King Matthias Corvinus and the defendant, the Polish king Casimir IV. In the years 1484 – 1488 was in the hands of family Zapolsky, who enlarged the castle and further honed its fortifications. In the mid-16th century its owner František Kendy added to the noble opposition against King Ferdinand of Habsburg, and therefore the royal army after the conquest in 1558 demolished it all. A later owner Nicholas Druget has the castle in 1575 again repaired and restored. In 1644 the castle was attacked by rebel army Juraj Rákóczi and almost entirely destroyed again. Partial repair of residential tracts only briefly returned him life because in the of waves against-Habsburgs uprisings in the late 17th century finally disappeared from Earth. Since then was Brekov still withering and nowadays are there only remnants of the walls.

Even if reconstruction in last few years changed it and gave it ,,strenght”, there is still much work and to its former look it will get after long years.

Between the findings of the archaeological research of Zemplin Museum in Michalovce has an important place rich collection of late-tiles. Even more important findings are the findings of pottery,or iron arrowheads of Slovan settlement.

Turnings and signs will get you safely up to the castle (there are three ways!), so you don´t need to worry about anything 🙂


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