Restaurants on Mont-Saint-Michel (reviews)

Hello everybody!

I´ve told you about famous ,,omelette de la Mère Poulard” in the last article, even about the restaurant where you can order it. But still, isn´t good to know another restaurants where you can eat when the hunger comes? For me, a really big gourmet, certainly is.

La Mère Poulard

The most known restaurant over there, inside are famous chicken and even more famous omelette. It´s kinda expensive, one omelette dish costs more than 30€. But it´s worth of your try, certainly don´t regret your money in this case 🙂
Auberge Saint-Pierre

Despite all the reviews it´s a good restaurant. Even if sometimes you have to wait longer for a waiter to come, meal was fine (I ordered some pasta), personail was friendly and I think that´s important.


LAuberge Le Mouton Blanc Restaurant

The waiters served our meal very quickly, taste is just good, service is good but a price is bit expensive. The waiters are also really nice and those pancakes…oh my god.


La Confiance

Don´t visit this. Just don´t. I promised you to write about good restaurants, but about this I write only to let you know which one NOT to visit. Sorry. The waiters were rude, meal was cold when I got it (even when fine) and the price was really high.


Restaurant de lhotel Croix Blanche

It depends on what do you order…seafood and other French and Normandy specialties are great but common stuff like chicken or grilled cheese isn´t that good. But anyway, they served us out meal fast & were nice so I don´t see any problem with visiting this restaurant.


Le Chapeau Rouge

The lunch was even better than I expected by the reviews. It´s a charming little café stucked between the houses and you will certainly like it there.


And of course, can´t forget the French wines. They´re served in each restaurant, not for so high price. I´m still not able to drink them, but due to the reviews (and my mom´s taste), they are amazing :))

Oh! And ice creams are great too! Even if ,,little” expensive (see the first photo), the portions are big and mostly…really delicious.



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