Le Mont-Saint-Michel, pt.2

Hello everybody!

The island has a long history. Once upon a time was the knoll connected to the mainland by dense forest and druids performed sacred rites there. Celts buried there dead. Romans used to call the hill a ,,Bury mountain”, according to legend, there is supposedly buried Gaius Julius Caesar. In the 5th century the earth began to decline, the bay and the sea flooded and the hill became an island with a diameter of 1 km. According to another legend, to Bishop Aubert in 708 appeared the archangel Gabriel, and commanded him to build a chapel on the island, which in the 10th century passed to the Benedictines and they had created the abbey there.

Nowadays visit this shrine more than three million tourists a year. However, you won´t find room here. In the narrow streets you struggle through hundreds of tourists and long crowds are off-season here too, though certainly more pleasant than in summer. In monastery you won´t enjoy a silence, visitors are everywhere. Even though the island breathes a unique atmosphere and will certainly amaze every visitor. As for the food, known is the local omelette “omelette de la Mère Poulard” in the very first restaurant in the king’s gate on the left, which boasts a long tradition of production of this delicacy. Beware if you think that the omelette is cheap eat, on Mont Saint Michel is not true.

Mont Saint Michel is since 1976 registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the bay is a sand level always increasing, to what helped building a road at the end of the 19th century. In the future they want to replace causeway with a bridge, construction will supposedly begin soon. Already today, many tourists try traveling to the island by land in the morning, but it´s advisable to have a guide, because sand and mud in the bay are said to be treacherous. To explore the island town single out two hours, during which manage to see everything what abbey offers. If you want to admire the views more, or contemplate in a number of churches, add even an hour or two.





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