Hotel Lopušná Dolina

Hello everybody!

Last article was dedicated to the skipark in Lopušná Dolina…now I´m going to write a little about one amazing hotel located right there, just few meters from the slope.

The hotel is called, like the skipark and the whole valley, Lopušná Dolina. It looks really old from the outside, but inside are now renovations of the rooms and you can actually be one of the first people living in the room. I was, to be honest. Reception of the hotel will not amaze you with anything special, even the next, ,,play room” won´t, but since then are all halls and rooms renovated and modern. Giant shower, comfortable beds, big TVs…and of course, free wifi in the whole hotel area. It got a password, too, but all you need to do is ask for it on the reception. Staff is very nice and friendly, I haven´t seen more empathetic employees anywhere before.

Food is absolutely delicious. You can book a room with either half board or a full board. For the dinner you always have three choices you can order and all three are always really fine and edible. Breakfast is rich, with branded food and home-made products: sausages, toasts, scrambled eggs… By branded food I meant you will find there also Nutella, Granko, Nesquik and not only their Polish imitations. For drink is in the morning offered water, juices, coffees, hot chocolate and many types of tea. Even if you have only half board, you can still order some meal for the lunch for not a big price. I´m kind of a gourmet and I really loved the food there. It´s probably the best thing about the whole hotel.

Under the hotel is a car park, arbor and a smaller park. Slope I wrote about in the last article is right behind the corner, around 100m away. So when you want to go sledging or to a tea in the evening, you can comfortably walk down the road.

Please don´t pick your acommodation because of its look. I visited many hotels and apartments that looked bad but inside were modern and clean. And this is this case, too. You will like your residence there for sure. I know it.


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