Skipark Lopušná dolina, Low Tatras

Hello everybody!
Although in southern Slovakia is a warm and sunny spring now, in northern mountain area is still snow and cold temperatures. Such as in High and Low Tatras. During my winter holidays this year I visited few skiparks and in the one called Lopušná dolina I certainly had the best time and felt most comfortable.

How to get there?
Go down the highway on the turing saying ,,Svit” and ride into the town. There follow the signs saying ,,Lopušná dolina”. You will go by a small and icy road between the forest and fields around 5 minutes and then you will finally see the crossroads. To the right is going the road to another skipark, but to the left is going a road to this amazing and joyful skipark. You will see the hill after like 100 metres.

Right towards the slope is located a ski rent, shop and restaurant. In this restaurant is offered amazing hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on the top, I really recommend you to try it, apple and cinammon cakes, coffee and also meals to bring your hunger away.

Tickets aren’t expensive as in skiparks in High Tatras. The whole day ticket for adults cost 15€, for children (under 18) 12€. At least in the winter season it was like that. Now, when the spring time begins, they are cheaper.

Right under the slope is an ice area for ice skating. You can borrow the skates in the ski rent service for 5€ per one hour. It’s not that big but because people never take skates there and don’t know about rent servicr, you will probably skate there alone. Next to this is a slope for sledging where you can be sure nobody will knock you off. Sledges can be borrowed, too.

Now to the slope. Up on the hill you can be brought by 4 tows. The biggest one will bring you to the total top of the hill. Right next to it is smaller for children that will bring you only to the halfway. Behind the trees on the left side of the slope is another tow that brings people to the place around 10m down from the place you are brought with the first mentioned trailer. Pro of this tow is that you mustn’t stay in queue for a long time but con is that it really jumps over the scours and you may fall sometimes. The last one is located on the smaller next hill on the right side from the big slope, but it’s more useful for the children than for the adults because it’s really slow. On this smaller slope is a ski school. If you have kids, you can ,,buy” a guide and he will teach your kid skiing.
Quality of the slope and snow is great. It’s icy only in the evening when it was skied down by many other people. I recommend you to be more on thw right side of the slope because the left is quite steeper.

I think this skipark offers you good ski for good price. And also, from the top is marvelous view to the High Tatras. Sometimes when is cloudy you may not see them but if there’s sunny…well, then you will enjoy your day even more.

//sorry for mistakes and strange sizes of the photos but I wrote it whole on phone//









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