40 things to do in one day in LONDON

Hello everybody!

I love London. It´s an amazing city with a lot of amazing places and spots inside. I have already dedicated few articles to that, but here is MY personal list with stuff I need to do in London with every visitation. You can do all of this in one day, even with few hours for shopping and just walking around with a goal. I tell you, you will enjoy this day a lot.

1. Take a ride on London Eye

It´s not anything special but surely do try it at least once in the lifetime. The nicest view is in night, to the lightful London.

2. Use London underground

That feeling when walking towards that many people and going around such a big city…

3. Watch a theatre in National Theatre

It costs kinda a lot but it´s really worth it.

4. Shakespeare´s Globe Theatre

Why not? It´s always a good idea.

5. Visit Borough Market

Borough Market is the biggest market in London with many sellers from a lot of countries all around the world.

6. Go on the top of Tower Bridge

Enjoy the view, dames en heren.

7.  Take a photo under the Big Ben

This is really a must-have in London.

8. Wait in a long queue for Westminster Abbey

9. Get a hot cocoa in the shop under the Westminster Abbey. It will warm you from bad weather and strong English winds.

10. Walk past house of English Prime Minister

Guards won´t let you even have a look inside.

11. Borrow a bike and ride it around St. James Park to the Buckingham Palace and further around the Hyde Park

Bikes can be borrowed everywhere, such as in Amsterdam or Brussels.

12. Watch Horse Guards Parade


13. Take a photo with guards

They won´t even notice you.

14. Visit horse stables in Horse Guards Parade

15. Feed ducks and look for squirrels in St. James Park

And mostly, enjoy the view to Big Ben, London Eye with colorful flowers in the background.

16. Camp in St. James Park

The best experience of my life. It´s such a lovely park, you will surely like it.

17. Climb up to the overview on Nelson´s column

Enjoy the panorame of Trafalgar square and National Gallery.

18. Look for the most famous paintings in National Gallery

One of the best is right in the beginning near the cashes- Van Gogh´s Tournesols.

19. Visit National Portrait Gallery

Even if you have to pay for the entry, it´s still wonderful.

20. Have a coffee in The National Café

Cakes offered are delicious!

21. Eat in ,,All you can eat” restaurant

Few are very near to Trafalgar Square and they aren´t even expensive.

22. Souvenir shops on Leicester square

You will buy a lot for less – I bought 12 magnets for 7 pounds. Or T-shirts. Or post cards. Everything.

23. Look for celebrities on Leicester square

I met Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth.

24. Visit M&M’s World on Leicester square

Huge, colorful, M&M full shop where you will spend a lot of money if you love sweets.

25. Eat in three storey high KFC on Leicester square

Here you can see I prefer food more than sightseeing.

26. Giant ads on Picadilly Circus

27. Listen to street artists

Sometimes they make better music than biggest world stars.

28. Visit Chinatown

Experience Chinese atmosphere in Chinatown with geishas and dragons on every corner.

29. Take a photo with Geisha and giant panda in Chinatown

30. Dinner in Chinese restaurant

Let geishas serve your meal.

31. Chinatown London Market

Here it really looks like in another world, like you were in Asia not in the middle of London.

32. Shop in expensive shops in Covent Garden

Or as in my case, just enjoy the offer.

33. Listen to Covent Garden´s music

Standing on the balcoon and listening to talented young musicians is really one of the best activities in London.

34. Disney Shop in Covent Garden

Reminds you of Disneyland

35. Shop in Covent Garden Tesco

You will never find an employee there. All cashes are self-served.

36. Private perfume profiling appointment in Covent Garden

The fragrance advisor in Penhaligon’s will help you with picking the perfect fragrance for you.

37. Oxford Street

Not only souvenir shops but also giant five storey high Primark and many other amazing shops where you will certainly spend remains of your savings.

38. Visit Body Shop on Oxford Street

Those fragrances!!!

39. Night cruise on River Thames

You can end your day very nicely.




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