Hotel Lopušná Dolina

Hello everybody! Last article was dedicated to the skipark in Lopušná Dolina…now I´m going to write a little about one amazing hotel located right there, just few meters from the slope. The hotel is called, like the skipark and the whole valley, Lopušná Dolina. It looks really old from the outside, but inside are now […]

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Spring has sprung

Hello everybody! Spring is such a lovely time of the year. Flowers bloom, nature wakes up… And mostly, walks in that season to the forest and nature are amazing. Just bring your sneakers, dog, headphones and you are ready to go. I ran six kilometres today together with my small doggie Ema and here are […]

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Winter in Poprad, Slovakia

Hello everybody! Winter is ending and spring is slowly approaching. But in one town laying right under the High Tatras is always winter. I don´t talk about snow now, but about lighting and decorations that use to decorate the city since October until February.  

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Meals you HAVE to try in Hungary

Hello everybody! Although it´s not the end of the Hungarian month, I decided to share my list of meals you really need to try while your visitation of Hungary. You probably know some now but I will tell you about some uncovered and less known ones too. Have a good meal! Lángos Okay, this one […]

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Regéc Castle

Hello everybody! Do you recognize the name of Regéc? If you think you have heard or saw it somewhere else you´re right, because I got the last name of Regéc. I don´t lie. Regéc castle (or in Hungarian language known as Regéc Vára) used to be a ruin of the old castle until it had […]

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Hello everybody! Alkaline surface of Hortobágy pusztá has been to its today likewise shaped with water. 20-30 thousand years ago has here unregulated streams rushed river Tisza and regular floods gave life to here living plants and animals. In Copper and Bronze Age according to archeological findings have alreday lived people there, islands in wetlands […]

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