Hello everybody!

One of the oldest town of Hungary located just few kilometres away from Balaton and around 1 hour of drive from Budapest is also one of the most beautiful towns in the Central Europe. Also, did you know that Veszprém was found on seven hills?

The town of Veszprém is full of historic and cultural monuments and of course, full of guides and tourists who admire the beauty of this all. Between most famous and prettiest sights belong Baroque styled Archbishop´s palace, Benedict Hill Cross standing on a Benedict hill, Castle gate, also known as Heroes´ gate commemorates the Hungarian victims of WW2, 40m deep Castle Well, County Hall, Csatár hill with a small church standing on the top with amazing view to the whole city, Fire Tower which is one of the dominants of the Veszprém, Former Canon´s Residence, German & Hungarian Soldier Cemetery, Gisella Chapel, Piarist Secondary School with nice construction, Provost Major´s Palace – iconic renovated bright house in the city centre, Town Hall and many other chapels and churches. Such as St. Ann Chapel, St. Margaret Church, Franciscan Church or Piarist Church. Also an amazing trip can be Nemesvámos – Roman villa with museum, history and frescoes on the walls.

The thing you will see first while looking on Veszrpém from a distance is St. Stephan viaduct. It´s really a symbol of this town and makes gorgeous panorama along with town and Bakony hills in the background. If you want something different, you can go to the Laczkó Dezso Museum fulfilled with folk region tradition items, Csikász Gallery, Bakony Etnographical House, Masterpiece Gallery, Petofi Theatre and Pantheon, where on the wall of the Castle every year in August a memoir-board is placed to remember the significant people of Veszprém.

For sport and adventurous souls offers Veszprém a Veszprém Arena where the most modern sports and sport events take place, ZOO Veszprém (Kittenberger ZOO) which is located just 15 minutes of walking from the downtown and is also one of the oldest zoos in the whole Hungary, Gulya Hill Forest Park laying right next to the ZOO, Sobri Jóska Bakony Adventure Park which is not actually in Veszprém, but still very near. Or you can just take a bike and ride around the town down to the Balaton and back. You will enjoy it more than walking in an old museum, I think (I would actually).

Restaurants. Ah, I have finally come to my most favourite part of the article. Allegro Café & Restaurant and Erdei Restaurant & Guesthouse are really worth of looking for and offer nice and delicious meals, so if you don´t want to buy french fries in fast food, then definitely visit those.

Veszprém is like a second Prague – statues, churches, chapels… Amazing location near Budapest and Balaton makes from a Veszprém wonderful touristic town you should certainly visit while your wanders through the southern Hungary.





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