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Do you know which town is called ,,the capital of Balaton”, has famous beaches and nightlife and also is one of the reachest towns in Hungary? If you thought it´s Siófok, you guessed it right.

Siófok is not really a town for pensioners or small kids. It excels with hilarious nightlife including many famous DJs and stars. Probably the most famous club is Palace Dance Club which lights can be visible from the highway, so you see and hear it when you are kilometres away. One more thing that every traveler should try is skydiving. In the Siófok is skydiving agenture called Skydive Balaton, where can you book a flight and spend a sunny afternoon this way. I haven´t tried it because it was too expensive for my and my small holiday budget. But if you have money, definitely go there and try it, my uncle skydove and said it was the best experience of his life. Or you can visit Kalandpark, rope park where you climb on the rope between high trees. Or you can book a circular flight around Balaton where you mustn´t jump from the plane like in the first case or ride a horse on Ranch Siófok in lonely Hungarian pusztá.

When you don´t really look for an adrenaline, in Siófok is a lot of other attractions and activites where you can go or try. Except an alley on the lake shore which is absolutely wonderful you can go to the Siófok Water Tower, from which is a really nice view to the Balaton and pusztá, noble Jókai park with exotic plants and Jókai villa inside, Millenium park, Rose Garden, synagogue, a lot of churches, villas, manor houses and statues all around the town. But let me talk about the alley, please. A very interesting scenic spot is Port of Siófok and Molo, or when you like touristics is there also for you a Nature Conservation Area of Toreki, a natural heritage area with small fish ponds, brook and interesting river system.

Between the best beaches certainly belong Alba beach or Siófok beach from which you can sail through the lake on Talizmán Yacht or St. Benedek Pleasure Boat if you don´t want to sunbathe all day long.

For gourmets offers Siófok many small restaurants with delicious food, for example Mala Garden Restaurant, Calvados Etterem, Roxy Etterem, Brownie restaurant Cafe & Lounge or Janos Vendeglo. They are really worth of visit!

Accommodation can be found on every street, but it´s, of course, more expensive because of the location in the biggest Balaton town. A lot of hotels, camps, apartments… Just search for some on Booking or TripAdvisor.

What is my overall impression over this town? I really liked it, the different options for bathing, accommodation, so many nice restaurants…Free time activites were probably the best of all, you will never get bored in this town. I recommend visitation of this town mostly for younger (parties all night long can disturb someone), but even the oldest ones will find something for themselves. And the ferris wheel! Wow!


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