Hello everybody!

Small leisure village with sandy and muddy beaches, markets with clothing and restaurants on the square…isn´t this something you need for a perfect vacation?

In the middle of this small town is a railway so if you came by train (what I recommend) you are right in the center and mustn´t walk for a long time. Main street, called Mária utca is really long with turnings to a lot of smaller streets on the right side. Next to the station is clothing market with many nice things to buy. A little further is a center of the village on which are souvenir shops, restaurants, fast foods, bars, supermarkets… You will certainly find something nice, if you are not interested in clothing are always waiting for you souvenirs like magnets or postcards. Beach is very long with gradual entry by stairs to the lake of Balaton. On some places are entrances for disabled, too. At first you stand on rocks, but then is only mud and sand. I think in Balatonfenyves is the most shallow seabed in whole Balaton. I was that far from the land that I saw just green blot and I stood in water only up to my thighs. One activity that everyone needs to try if you come there for a vacation is playing with a mud. I mean throwing battle or something like that. I saw at least ten pairs of people doing that and I tried it, of course, too 😀 On the beach is a nice tree alley with restaurants and buffets and, what is really super, also some sport machines and areas where you can exercise if you want to. And at the right end of the bank, where is only a marina, is also an aquapark with tobogans and few pools to bath in.

Probably the most beautiful thing on Balatonfenyves is the marshland. On every street coming from Mária utca is a little wooden bridge between bats and other aquatic plants where at the end is a small pier with some chairs and stairs coming to the water. On this side of the lake in Balatonfenyves are kelps, yes, but watching a sunset from there…wow. I will add photos so you will see how magical does it look like there.

As for the accommodation, hotels are always available, but I recommend you to find something on one of those streets so you will have just few steps to the Balaton. It´s more lucrative and worth of it. And if you don´t want to sit all the time on the blanket on the bank, you should rent a bike in the center and ride across all the streets and surrounding villages or rent a waterbike and swim to another shore of the Balaton. Why not? It´s a great and interesting activity which every wanderer needs to try at least once in the lifetime.

Do you want to survive an epic sunset in shallow water of warm lake in Hungary alone, without other people looking at you? Go to Balatonfenyves, reserve an apartment or camp in the park or camping. Maybe you will get bored after few days spent there, but then you should go further and further and always find something new not only in Hungary, but in other countries, too. Am I not right?





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