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Budapest – a rare treasure divided into two parts intersected with largest European river Duna. Its rarity can be visible not only live, but also radiates from photos you see. It´s full of magical narrow streets jammed between buildings with high terraces. Sometimes you meet a parade striking against something or, because it´s new year, wishing all the people and pedestrians Happy new year dressed up as angels, Santa Clauses and other characters from fairytales. On every step you find something beautiful and unique. You think you are on the common boring street? You are not, at the end is a high statue symbolising liberty. How I said before, Budapest offers you many sights and points of interest. I have written about all sights in Budapest before, you can find it here:

Budapest – city guide

Budapest – own experiences

At that time I didn´t have concrete style of writing so it´s not written very well. But back to the sights in Budapest. Between things you will see at the first glance belong a building of parliament, Országház. The best view on it you will catch when you will stand right on the other side of the Duna river. You can also equip a sightseeing tour, but I haven´t been inside so I don´t know how much does it cost etc. Just few meters away from Hungarian parliament is a nice looking basilica, Szent István bazilika. When you want to relax and have a rest, look for a city park, Budapest Városliget. In the middle of this huge park is a crystal clear lake with swans and other waterfowl in there. On shores of the lake stands a Vajdahunyad castle, Vajdahunyad Vára. Tours are available, too. Because park without animals wouldn´t be a park, part of the park is dedicated to ZOO and botanical garden. I promise, you haven´t seen the bigger ZOO than there. Botanical garden is also amazing and original, because you basically walk on rope bridges over all the vegetation or when you´re down you can become a part of the forest and discover new places under banana tree with monkeys and exotic birds. Almost on every street are bike stands, where you can borrow a bike for some money, use it how long you want (they are usually taken for a day) and then give it back on one of the bike stands in whole town It´s really great, because you mustn´t walk through the giant town afoot or buy tickets to buses but actually only bike all the day. On the bank of Duna is a memorial to all victims during the WW2, Shoes on the Danube Bank. Alley on the bank is marvelous, so certainly don´t miss that, sit on one of the benches and take a look to another part of the city, Pest. Buda is connected with Pest by many bridges, but the most historic and beautiful one is the chain bridge, Széchenyi Lánchid. You will see it immediately due to giant lion heads on the top and overally, giant visible construction. When you walked to the other side by the bridge, around you will not be only buffets and fish restaurants, but also a cableway. It´s not expensive and it´s the fastest way to get up to the main part of the Buda. If you don´t have money you should go up by long paths in the park, but I really don´t recommend going to that park in the night. I couldn´t get from there and lost and when I finally got somewhere where it looked like some people have been there before, I realized I´m still at the top of the hill right under the castle. That was bad because was around 1am. So rather spend few forints. On the square where you get is waiting for you a gorgeous Buda castle, Buda Palota with guards walking in the front of the main gateway. And when they change, all people around take photos and camera them. When you come by a historical street with many lovely buildings to another square, there is opening a view to the Matthias church, Mátyas templom, which is open basically always except nights and Fisherman´s bastion, Halászbastya. At that street is approximately in the middle behind the gate a huge market with quality Hungarian stuff. It´s almost not visible, because the gate is closed, but if you ask some Budapest people they will lead you there. Halászbastya offers amazing view to the whole Budapest and its construction is also really unique. Right in the front of the bastion is a giant statue, on which Budapest kids really like to sit. Also, on the same square is tucked a marzipan shop with marzipan exhibition. On the exhibition can be seen high cakes from marzipan (rather do not eat) and in the shop can be bought various marzipan sweets in different shapes. Yum. If you want to have even better view to Budapest, go for a little walk to Citadella and Memento park. Citadella, which is a Liberty statue is visible from almost whole Budapest, because it towers on the highest hill…maybe in the whole Hungary actually. You rise there by a road fringed with souvenir shops that offer everything you will think of. Shirts, magnets, postcards…everything. Under the Citadella is located a Memento Park, open air museum with statues of different shapes and, of course, with splendid view to this whole wonderful city.

You still don´t know why to visit Budapest? Every August takes place there one of the best and biggest festivals in the world, Sziget Festival. Maybe this will entice you there if you´re young and want some fun, no only the sightseeing. By my opinion is Budapest the most beautiful town I have ever seen. And I have seen them a lot, believe me.

Photos of the sights I talked about are in the latest post, so I will not add them here. Most of the photos are from May, but some are from other months, too.

Views in/from Buda

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Views in/from Pest

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Speciaal: How did I paint Budapest


Nowadays is the paint hanging on my wall over the sofa.

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