Hello everybody!
Capital of one of the smallest countries in the world Vaduz, by inhabitants called also Städtle is located near borders with Switzerland in Liechtenstein. Certainly visit this lovely town while going back from holidays in France or western Switzerland.
Vaduz town is orientated not only to financial stuff, but also historic. You will find there many sights, as well as Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein – museum with art, architecture and cultural work connected with modern gallery, high Vaduz Cathedral staying in the middle of the town in the town centre, Liechtenstein National Museum, Postage Stamp Museum with large family collections of stamps, Cathedral of St. Florin or one of the most famous shops in the country, Hoi Liechtenstein. But certainly most known cultural monument is Vaduz castle sitting on the top of the hill looking to the valley underneath and all surrounding countries from Alpine shore. It´s not that hard to get there, you will come up comfortably by (many) stairs. On the main square in the center is located pretty looking parliament and some other baroque buildings.
Between less famous and more adventure places are Wine Cellars of the Prince of Liechtenstein (look for signs showing Hofkellerei), Citytrain – train going around the city for apx. 35 minutes, Ski Museum, which is basically museum about history of skis, Alps and skiing. Then is worth of looking for Minigolf-Sportanlange Schaan/Vaduz, which is I think the largest minigolf area I have ever seen (and tried). It´s also connected with some other sport activity centers. At the end is usually mentioned the best attraction. The same is true here. That place is called Neuguthof Adventure World and it´s something, where you just have to go with children. Or even withing them. I had a lot of fun inside. I won´t tell you what´s there…try it and you will see. But shortly, it´s like a smaller version of Disneyland (I mean that adventure part).
Around Vaduz are Alps, so this town offers you even more things to do. You can attend on many tours, where in some of them you doesn´t need guide. Most famous hiking trails (goals) which you should really visit when are you not that ,,sightseeing and shopping type“ are Drei Schwestern, Augstenberg, Gorfion, Ochsenkopf, Galinakopf, Alpspitz and Spitz. I didn´t have that much time to try them all, but I went to Augstenberg and that view…was so amazing and magical, that I even forgot to breathe for a second.
Do you plan a quick weekend trip to Alps to let you and your partner breathe fresh air, you don´t know where to go and in Austrian Innsbruck are bad weather conditions? Certainly try Vaduz, one small town stuck deeply into the Alps in one small kingdom. Sounds like a fairytale, doesn´t it?

I don´t have more photos because was really raining all the time 😦


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