Hungarian Parliament Building

Hello everybody! Hungarian legislature didn´t have its own building for a very long time, what can be explained by domination of another country, so leaders almost always had to negotiate consult on the other place. At the beginning of 19th century, in the years of reformations, was finally the right time to build a new […]

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Best of Balaton

Hello everybody! As you could see in my posts before, Balaton is a magical place with nice towns around. This article will be dedicated only to the photos of Balaton – from me, my aunt, my friend etc. of all the Balaton villages. I´m going from the direction of M7 from Budapest, through Siófok, to […]

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Hello everybody! One of the oldest town of Hungary located just few kilometres away from Balaton and around 1 hour of drive from Budapest is also one of the most beautiful towns in the Central Europe. Also, did you know that Veszprém was found on seven hills? The town of Veszprém is full of historic […]

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Hello everybody! Do you know which town is called ,,the capital of Balaton”, has famous beaches and nightlife and also is one of the reachest towns in Hungary? If you thought it´s Siófok, you guessed it right. Siófok is not really a town for pensioners or small kids. It excels with hilarious nightlife including many […]

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Hello everybody! Small leisure village with sandy and muddy beaches, markets with clothing and restaurants on the square…isn´t this something you need for a perfect vacation? In the middle of this small town is a railway so if you came by train (what I recommend) you are right in the center and mustn´t walk for […]

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Hello everybody! Between the most beautiful and picturesque Balaton towns certainly belongs Balatonfoldvár. You come here by the alley where over you is hanging a canopy of lovely birches. Balatonföldvár was beautified with an impressive promenade bordered by a double row of plane trees along the western part of the town. The view of the […]

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Hello everybody! Budapest – a rare treasure divided into two parts intersected with largest European river Duna. Its rarity can be visible not only live, but also radiates from photos you see. It´s full of magical narrow streets jammed between buildings with high terraces. Sometimes you meet a parade striking against something or, because it´s […]

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Touring through Hungary

Hello everybody! Since today – 10th of January until 10th of February will be all my articles dedicated to Hungary. Why? I spent a lot of time in 2015 in Hungary, even last days of the year I have spent there and actually, I haven´t written about that. I love Hungary, because I live near […]

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Hello everybody! Capital of one of the smallest countries in the world Vaduz, by inhabitants called also Städtle is located near borders with Switzerland in Liechtenstein. Certainly visit this lovely town while going back from holidays in France or western Switzerland. Vaduz town is orientated not only to financial stuff, but also historic. You will […]

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Cakes suitable for long journeys

Hello everybody! While traveling you certainly think about sweets and cakes a lot. I do that, too. You should buy something on BP, of course, but sometimes you have a strange feeling to eat something homemade and soft and…yummy. Because not all cakes are suitable for traveling and especially long journeys (stuffing, adornment, can sour […]

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