London Santa Run

Hello everybody!

In London is December dedicated for charity. One from the most famous events is Santa Claus Run in Battersea Park, which is that famous, that you need to register several months in advance to even get a place. People come from all around the world, I heard Spanish, French, but also Hungarian language.

In price is included Santa clothing with beard, what everyone got along with starting number. After dressing everyone gathered up next to an arbor, where was a little warm-up. Imagine two thousands Santa Clauses along jumping, dancing and stretching on music!

Then one ,,compulsory” selfie and red mass ranged on the start and went to 6km long track.

Despite of sun and blue sky was temperature under 0°C, but nobody cared about it. Somebody ran faster, somebody slower. There were also some who ran with a dog, with stroller or with truck with handicapped friend. In sneakers or rollerblades, beards blew in the air. It doesn´t matter, whether you end the trails, main goal is to have fun with people around. Everybody get at the end a medal and should be happy for helping a good cause.


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