Christmas market in Valkenburg

Hello everybody!

Valkenburg should boast with the oldest and biggest underground market in Europe. But spa town has also another rarity. It´s 69m high mound called Cauberg, which would nobody see in other countries, but in this flat country is hill visible from a distance. Underneath is located Fluweelengrot, Velvet Cave. When I entered the cave and my eyes have become accustomed to the darkness, I noticed first stands. Large areas shook, descend, long corridors mouth to enlarged into wide rooms and ceilings are sometimes large and sometimes so low that I almost banged my head there (ok, I am 1,85m high, but even shorter people had problems!). Lights were making amazing atmosphere and magical nooks. I admired also murals and chapel dedicated to the Dutch hermite from 12th century, saint Gerlach.

You can spend underground long hours, merchandise is sometimes better, sometimes worse, but offer is always rich and includes not only jewelry, cosmetics, clothes, handmade blown ornaments for Chrismtas tree and sweets, but also furniture. But I think that most famous between most famous goods this year belongs red hat, which upper part does crazy moves and pompom on the flashlight jumps up and down.

On the main square of Valkenburg is also pretty busy – stands with punch and Christmas delicatessen on every step, thousand of people everywhere. Even if you don´t like crowded places, this place is marvelous and I really recommend you to visit it, especially during Christmas time.

Town of Valkenburg


Entrance to the cave & market inside the cavedecoration-above-the-shop-outside-the-valkenburg-christmas-market-netherlands-4valkenburg-christmas-market-limburg-hollandshop-inside-the-cave-valkenburg-christmas-market-netherlands-5christmas-houses-aachenchristmas-markets-general-onedecoration-inside-the-cave-valkenburg-christmas-market-netherlands-1valkenburg-christmas-market-41valkenburg_christmas_market

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