Popradské pleso

Hello everybody!

Popradské pleso is place where can people rest after long journey with cup of coffee and grilled meat. But do you actually know how to get there, to the tarn tucked deeply into the mountain range of High Tatras?

There are three ways (if we don´t count ways going from High Tatras from Poland etc.)

First way

You are riding a car to Štrbské pleso. Few kilometres before it is a turning to Popradské pleso and apx. one kilometer after the turning is a car park. Then you continue by your own legs and by asphalt road come to the Popradské pleso. This was is the fastest, it takes 1-1,5h , for families with children can be elongated to maximally two hours. This road offers you few rest stops and 10 minutes from Popradské pleso is turning to Symbolical graveyard I wrote about few posts ago. Basically, you are whole time in forest, so take with you some jackets and warm clothes.


Second way

You start in tarn of Štrbské pleso. You continue by a sign leading to Popradské pleso and after apx. 2 hours you finally arrive. This road offers you amazing views, at the beginning you see whole Podtatranská kotlina, jumping board and Štrbské pleso. Then after some minutes in forest you come back to the sun and then is actually the entire road on by sun overwarmed well-groomed pavement, from which you have really unique views. You see the whole valley under you, with a lot of knee timber and rocks. You also see another shore of the mountain range. These roads are very narrow and rocks tend to fall, so be very careful while walking and don´t get near to the kerb. I really recommend this way of getting to the Popradské pleso, because it´s magnificient and you will certainly not regret it.


Third way

You start just like in the second way, but after apx. half of hour of walking you choose different road. People of second way choose the upper one and when you want to try this, you go by lower one (you will see sign leading to this road). This is as long as the second was,  apx. 2 hours, but a little difference is that the previous one is always full of tourists and on this you can enjoy surrounding nature. You always move in dusk of the forest and jump over creeks. You will be finally able to enjoy quiet and true beauty of Tatra forests. I recommend this track while returning from Popradské pleso, because then you actually descend all the time and get to the Štrbské pleso way faster.


Let me summarize it all. First track is asphalt and you can be droven down by staff cars. Second has amazing views, but is always full of tourists. Third is dusk and moist, but without the tourists. What would I recommend you? It´s only on you which you will choose, but my tip is that try different roads. For example, go there by a second track and get back by third. It´s really only on you decision but I will say you something to the end. If you want real alpine touristics, you won´t find it there. In that case look for another trail, or write me down a reply and I will write about some other tracks I had attended on.


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