Hello everybody! Town stuck between Alpine shores is beautified with amazing lake laying right inside. Geneva is located on the border of Switzerland and France. People usually talk France, but it´s kind of international city – many people from many countries speaking many different languages. In the old town of Geneva is dominant St Pierre […]

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Throughout 2015

Hello everybody! I decided to dedicate one article at the end of the year to random stuff about me. I promise, my other posts will be about traveling, but today, when is Christmas Eve, I think you should know little more about me and my tours this year. I do it because I maybe sound […]

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Christmas in Strasbourg

Hello everybody! Christkindelsmärik, Strasbourg Christmas market is the oldest in Europe – it´s working since 1570. It´s then expectable, that it will get a nickname ,,grandfather of all markets”. Thanks to good train accessibility are every weekend huge crowds heading there to soak up some Christmas atmosphere, so in December is almost impossible to find […]

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Great Christmas Pudding Race

Hello everybody! By running with Christmas pudding in Covent Garden si officially raised money for cancer research. Organisers promote this run with one sentence – Would you want to miss a chance to see your boss running through a flying foam slalom wearing Mickey Mouse costume? In this competition attend 6 membered teams, usually composed […]

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London Santa Run

Hello everybody! In London is December dedicated for charity. One from the most famous events is Santa Claus Run in Battersea Park, which is that famous, that you need to register several months in advance to even get a place. People come from all around the world, I heard Spanish, French, but also Hungarian language. […]

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Christmas market in Valkenburg

Hello everybody! Valkenburg should boast with the oldest and biggest underground market in Europe. But spa town has also another rarity. It´s 69m high mound called Cauberg, which would nobody see in other countries, but in this flat country is hill visible from a distance. Underneath is located Fluweelengrot, Velvet Cave. When I entered the […]

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S-A-D #13 – Tower of London

//there were executed several wives of Henry VIII….// Hello! During its almost thousand years long history fulfilled Tower many functions: a fortress providing protection, comfortable palace and famous prison. Groundings of this impressive building built William the Conqueror around the year of 1066, when began to be built a castle with four towers, known as […]

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Hello everybody! Lovely old castle with even lovelier and more beautiful Elizabethan garden inside is located in the village with the same name – Kenilworth, near Coventry and Birmingham in middle England. Old, renaissance mansion used to be seat of many Tudor kings and dukes. Hundreds of stairs will take you to 18m high main […]

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Hello everybody! Nice place located near the capital of England and French coast is perfect destination for your residence. I spent in Canterbury few days and I can certainly say, that it´s one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen. Have you ever been in the Netherlands, in town, where is in the […]

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S-A-D #12 – Canterbury Cathedral

//center of Anglican Church and seat of Arcibishop of Canterbury…// Hello! Cathedral, which you will find on south-east peak of England, in town of Canterbury, is center of Anglican Church and seat of Arcibishop of Canterbury. It was built many centuries ago, but also in these days it´s an important dominant of the town, higher […]

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