Grand closing of hiking trails in High Tatras

Hello everybody!
On 31st of October 2015 took place ceremony of closing hiking trails in High Tatras on one beautiful tarn called Popradské pleso. In this article I will share my experiences from this splendid day spent in the heart of High Tatras.
Before the whole ceremony even started, was at 9.00am on lodge next to Popradské pleso (Chata pri Popradskom plese) abbatoir and grand closing of Tatra trails. On touristic road leading to Popradské pleso it looked like on a manifest – dozens, or hundreds of people were leading to the tarn. At 11.00am took place a mass on symbolical graveyard dedicated to all victims of dangerous Tatra shores and unpredictable ice and snow. On the graveyard are hand-made amazingly colored crosses. The graveyard is very near to Popradské pleso, only 10 minutes from its banks. Visitors of ceremeny could lunch in restaurant or in bufet in the lodge, but they had to stand in long queue, because there were really a lot of visitors. After good meal could tourists buy something in markets with hand-made products and the atmosphere was sweetened by folk musicians.

In the meantime I will write about options of getting to the Popradské pleso.



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