S-A-D #10 – White cliffs of Dover

//famous white cliffs started to form 130-140 millions years ago…//


Dover has been for centuries important port of south-east England. But majority of people dont recognize it because of its business side, but thanks to its white cliffs, what travelers coming to island from French shores by ferry from Calais see first. In sunny weather are white lines visible from another bank, which is regarding to 30km distance not a trifle.

Dover during the history always created first line of defense of Great Britain, attackers often got to difficult situations because of defenders standing at the shore. Thanks to its important position the town didnt have to pay taxation until 17th century and by time became symbol of English patriotism, stamina and fighting spirit. It became an end of heroics, for example Louis Bleriot landed here with his plane after he had overflied over the canal La Manche as first person on the Earth.

Famous white cliffs started to form 130-140 millions years ago, when in the sea living gastropods piled on the sea bed (per one year rised more than 15m) and created like that white limestone. After the end of ice age excavated returning water holes in the rocks and its erosive activity continues to develop: 1 centimeter per year are taken away from the rocks of Dover. Therefore, tourists are advised to not to stand on the edges of these 100-200m high cliffs.


9 thoughts on “S-A-D #10 – White cliffs of Dover

  1. Thanks for the like of my Bratislava Museums. I took the ferry from Calais to Dover many times pre-Chunnel and they always fascinated me. Then later as a family we discovered the Jurasic rock formations along the coast to Southhampton. Your post brings back many wonderful memories. Cheers.

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