Coffee shops in Amsterdam

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Be welcomed on the last Dutch week post. Today I decided to skip all the general informations from a lot of different corners of everyday life (because I have already wasted all drafted themes) and write about something different. You may know that Amsterdam is known as City of Freedom and on every corner you will find a coffeeshop. Is generally known, that in coffeeshops are sold light drugs. But what are the rules? What else you can order there? Where the individual coffeeshops are? In this article you will find out everything.

**I have never tried any drugs, I only visited a lot of those coffeeshops when I was wandering through during my free day in Amsterdam. But dont try what I did: some coffeeshops have quite aggresive owner and when you just walk into the shop, ask waiter many things about history of the shop and dont order anything, he may become angry at you.

What is actually a coffee shop?

Place, where is marijuana legally sold. In Amsterdam is huge amount of them. Some coffeeshops are just tiny shops, other can be several storey clubs. In most of them is alcohol not sold. At the entrance to the shop you must usually demonstrate with one of your document (e.g. ID card) with photo and year of birth. To sit in a coffee shop, you have to order something to drink. Since the drinks are quite expensive, its good to find shop, which is worth sitting in (some have really slick interiors, somewhere you can play table football, pool or listen to the live music).

If menu with selection of marijuana or hashish isnt exposed, ask for it one of the operators. When selecting, operator will certainly help you with it. In one purchase you cant take more than 5 grams. Prices are very diverse, but on average is gram of marijuana around 10€. In the Netherlands are light drugs legal.

Some famous coffee shops in Amsterdam

Rasta baby – This coffee shop is located near the Central station. Interior, music and staff dont deny that come straightly from Jamaica. So if you are lover of reggae, this place will astound you. There is really enough of seats, you can sit inside or on the terrace. Speciality in this coffee shop is marijuana tea.

Doors – Name already reveals, that this is a coffee shop in the style of 70s. You can sit inside or on the terrace, which extends onto the busy street. This coffee shop is located in the centre of Amsterdam

La Canna – This three-storey coffee shop is the biggest in Amsterdam. Interior is very interesting, walls are painted with large images of music stars or jungle, there is a biliard, too. Unfortunately, there are overprices drinks and quality of marijuana is not particularly commendable.

Bulldog – Bulldog is the oldest coffee shop in city, also one of the most famous. Although in Amsterdam is bunch of Bulldog coffee shops, the original one-storey is greatest. For peculiarity have ,,bulldogs” the menu table, that you have to enlighten yourself.

Jolly Joker – this corner coffee shop is pleasant to sit with a good tea or coffee and ,,space cake”, which is cake containing THC. Although the Jolly Joker is in the heart of Amsterdam, you have opportunity to take a break from city rush there.

Easy Time – for this very nice coffee shop you can encounter in a secluded alley behind Dam Square. Interior is in the style of 50s, can be found here Jukebox, milkshakes, specialty of marijuana and very nice service.

Smokey – When you are listening to music which is just on air and love to enjoy nightlife in fully lit city, visit the Smokey coffee shop. Its located directly on Rembrandt Square.

Kandinsky – one of the smallest coffee shops, but maybe with the best ,,space cake” in whole Amsterdam. You may not have a chance to sit there with a coffee, because in Kandinsky is only one table and a small bar.

Grasshopper – You will certainly not miss this building during the night tour of the city, with its green lighting will catch your eyes already remotely.

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