Interests & feasts in the Netherlands

Hello everybody!

Feasts are important parf of our lifes where we can meet with family members we dont see very often and talk with them about different themes. In the Netherlands are some more feast, but these what I wrote about are the most important ones. And interests…who isnt into interests?

• Approximately one third of the Netherlands lays below the sea level.
• Population density in the Netherlands is 480 inhabitants on one square kilometer.
• About 1000 of historical windmills are still functional.
• Majority of those windmills arent really windmills, but water pumps.
• The Dutch are the tallest nation of Europe.
• Amsterdam is whole built on wooden poles.
• When you board on Schiphol airport, you board 4,5m below the sea level.
• Coffee consumption in the Netherlands is after Nordic countries highest in the world.
• About 30% of children are born at home.
• Almost in every household is on the table vase with a bouquet of fresh flowers.
• 1281 bridges are located in just one town – Amsterdam.
• In Amsterdam lives more than 200 different nationalities.
• Capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, but government is estabilished in Den Haag.
Public holidays
New Year – 1.1.
Queens Day – 30.4.
Liberation Day – 5.5.
Christmas Day – 25.12.
Boxing Day – 26.12.
New Years Eve – 31.12.
Movable holidays – Easter, Ascension Day (40 days after Easter), Pentecost (50 days after Easter).
Sinterklaas (5.12.) – St. Nicholas is in the Netherlands maybe more favourite than Christmas. Sinterklaas brings presents to boots and walk together with character Zwarte Piet.

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