S-A-D #11 – Westminster Abbey

//in 1066 took place in Westminster the first coronation, when was enthroned William the Conqueror…// Hello! Westminster Abbey originally stood in wetlands near London. It was inhabited by Benedictines, which used to have around the year of 604 there a small church. Edward the Confessor then in first half of the 11th century started a […]

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Štrbské pleso

Hello everybody! Week ago I took part on a trip across High Tatras. I was usually touring through and hiking, but at one evening I had opportunity to visit again a beautiful tarn called Štrbské pleso. I have been there a lot of times, for example in summer for my relative´s wedding, but  I will […]

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S-A-D #10 – White cliffs of Dover

//famous white cliffs started to form 130-140 millions years ago…// Hello! Dover has been for centuries important port of south-east England. But majority of people don‘t recognize it because of its business side, but thanks to its white cliffs, what travelers coming to island from French shores by ferry from Calais see first. In sunny […]

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Overview Kubus, Croatia

Hello everybody! This Croatian monument dedicated to Karlobag – Gospić Road crossing mountain range of Velebit, the Cube (Kubus, Ura) on four spheres is situated on Oštarije Saddle on Stara vrata, at altitude of 927m above sea level from where view extends over the town of Karlobag, the island of Pag and entire Velebit Channel. […]

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Coffee shops in Amsterdam

Hello everybody! Be welcomed on the last Dutch week post. Today I decided to skip all the general informations from a lot of different corners of everyday life (because I have already wasted all drafted themes) and write about something different. You may know that Amsterdam is known as City of Freedom and on every […]

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Natural curiosities in the Netherlands

Hello everybody! If walking around the museum is too boring for you, parading in nature will certainly be your cup of tea. Netherlands doesn’t offer that much touristics because of its flat surface, but jogging in morning Kinderdijk will surely make it up for you. Natural curiosities Afsluitdijk – 32km long and 7,5m high dam connecting provinces Friesland […]

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Pray for Paris

Hearing of that news had broken my heart. That many innocent people died because of somebody’s stupidity and desire to die! Even if I’m not in relation with anyone stricken, I will pray for them. For all of them. Do that, too. Enjoy life. Be with your family and friends. Because you never know when […]

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Interests & feasts in the Netherlands

Hello everybody! Feasts are important parf of our lifes where we can meet with family members we don‘t see very often and talk with them about different themes. In the Netherlands are some more feast, but these what I wrote about are the most important ones. And interests…who isn‘t into interests? Interests • Approximately one […]

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