S-A-D #7 – Centre Georges Pompidou

//inside this at the first glance striking metal complex is a museum…//


In the head of Georges Pompidou, occupying the presidental post in the years 1969-1974, originated an idea that would be good to create a cultural center, which would be able to cover contemporary and modern art. Thus was created by proposals of Italian and English architects a Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. The man whose name this center bears, unfortunately, havent seen its grand opening in 1977, because the year before he passed away. Inside this at the first glance striking metal complex is a museum of modern art, library for 2000 readers, you can find here cinemas, lecture halls, bookshop, restaurant and a research institute of musical acoustics, too.

This giant center with massive futuristic interior spaces and strange atmosphere, which provides space to many different artistic productions on 78000 square meters, is visited by more than 6 millions of visitors per year. All that luxury wasnt cheap at all, construction at the time of its inception has absorbed more than 1 billion of French francs. 166m long, 60m wide and 42m high building is located on two-hectare area and between interests of the center belong sliding inner walls and service engineering, which isnt hidden at all, its even exposed in the front of eyes of the visitors. In a blue service tube flows the air, in the green stream the fluid, the yellow protects electric cables, while the red is used for transportation. Success and general admission of the building stimulated residents of the town of Metz to decide to build a twin of the Centre Georges Pompidou, mostly because to show off their 560000 art works to general public.



4 thoughts on “S-A-D #7 – Centre Georges Pompidou

      1. I haven’t been to Amsterdam but it’s on my list! The MONA in Hobart is truly one of a kind, that is probably top of my list. It’s the weirdest most wonderful collection presented in an underground cavern.

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      2. I have never been in Australia or Tasmania, but I really want to and I will certainly visit this museum! Amsterdam is amazing, I was there two times and I’m moving there in less then 2 years (616 days if I want to be exact). It’s a kind of town which everyone needs to visit at least once in a lifetime. I hope you will get there soon! 🙂

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