S-A-D #6 – Arc de Triomphe

//model for this arch, of course, were old Roman buildings…//


Napoleon, at that time Emperor, after a victorious battle near Austerlitz in 1806 decided with a conclusive force to build an arch of triumph in honor of his victorious troops. A model for this arch, of course, were old Roman buildings, under which proudly marched ancient Roman legions. Roman triumph archs were firstly very simple, but then were built bigger and more ornamental and an ordinary stone was eventually replaced by a marble. Some of them had up to three entrance arches, thus was for example made a Roman arch of Emperor Augustus.

The triumph arch, which started by the plans of Jean Chalgrin to be built in 1806 was finished long after the dead of Napoleon in 1836. In the heart of Paris, at the intersection of boulevards, at the end of Champs-Élysées, the French always wanted to build giant mounumental building and in the first half of 19th century was their dream fulfilled. 50m high and 22m wide arch has a terrace, where you can get by 300 stairs and from the top of the ach is a magical view to the whole city. On the outer side are attracting attention four gigantic sculptures and a gate is adorned with beautiful reliefs. On the inside part of the pillars are reliefs showing soldiers and a board with names of 558 generals, which attended in the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars. On the inside part of arch are also named places of the victorious battles. From the time of Word War I. is under the arch situated a grave of unknown soldier and on this place are started all military parades, too. In 1885 was the Arc de Triomphe covered by black canvas. The French mourned like this over the death of their great writer, Victor Hugo.

I want to ask you, by the way, is there somebody who learns Dutch? I would love to write with somebody who is at the same level as me, because I have nobody to write/talk with in Dutch and talking with myself when nobody is around…is kind of weird. If yes, please comment and we would connect somehow by email or twitter 🙂 Thank you!

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