Tourism in Bohinj

Hello everybody!

Autumn is a perfect time for tourists, especially in a gorgeous country like Slovenia. In this time of the year there are forests full of magical falling leaves and it‘s an unforgettable natural experience to visit and see everything with your own eyes. Julian Alps in Slovenia, with their enchanted forests are just a great place for autumnal vacation which is basically the reason why I‘m sharing this article with you right now.

What to check before starting?

1. weather conditions – ,

2. public transport – bus: , train:

3. acommodation / mountain huts – ,

– I think I don‘t need to mention such a common things like money etc

1. From Ribčev Laz around the Lake Bohinj and back through the Ukanc

One of the easiest, but also one of the longest. You start in a starting point of all trails around Bohinj – in a touristic village with a lot of hotels and souvenir shops called Ribčev Laz. You go by a bridge and next to the amazingly colored church of St. John the Baptist go down to smaller, sandy/asphalt pavement which leads through the forest. Firstly it‘s asphalt covered, but then after passing a meadow you again enter the forest with its typical clay trails, where you will last until the total end of the tour. It‘s written that one way takes 1,5 hour, but when you aren‘t in the best condition or you just want to enjoy stunning view, it will be at least 2 hours long. I had some stops to take photos and eat so it took me apx 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to the other side of the lake, where is a village of Ukanc. In Ukanc are some apartments, restaurants, camping and a port. You can get back to the Ribčev Laz by a boat which is anchored in the camping which is apx 10 minutes away from the bridge where is a signed turning to that. Another options are to go back by the same trail or by a pavement which is right next to the main road and after apx. 1,5 – 2 hours ends in the Ribčev Laz. Some meters before entering Ribčev Laz is an amazing restaurant under the rock where isn‘t only offered yummy meal, but also a chance to climb up that rock or buy some alpine stuff in alpine shops and a golf tour, too. Riding a bike on this asphalt pavement is a good idea, too, but I don‘t really recommend it on the opposite side of the lake because of many holes in that forest trail.



Me in the lake of Bohinj 😀

2. From Ukanc to the Savica waterfall

First road leads by a forest exactly from the Ukanc and takes apx. 2,5 hours. Second option (and the better one by my opinion) is to start by a car in Ribčev Laz, follow marked signs and instructions. You will get to a car park under the waterfall where is restaurant, too. Park your car there and continue up by an asphalt road for apx. 1 – 1,5 hours along a very cold glacial river, so be ready for cold and bring some warm jackets. Savica waterfall is a complex of two waterfalls, one higher, one shorter. Don‘t try to attend this tour on late afternoon or in evening because sun is down really soon because of very high slopes of the surrounding mountains and you will get lost very easily.







This is Vogel taken from the Savica waterfall

3. From Srednja Vas v Bohinju to the Ribnica waterfall

You start in a picturesque village of Srednja Vas. Starting point is under the church of St. Martin next to the restaurant (where are offered amazing meals!) and it‘s well marked through the whole trail. After apx. 45 minutes (fast people who doesn‘t have to photo everything as me can reach it after 30 minutes) you come to one small, but beautiful waterfall. Even if it‘s not that majestic as its famous sister Savica waterfall, forest you pass through is magical, like taken out of the fairytale. You‘ll have the best impressions of this tour when you will decide to attend it on sunny morning, because then is the forest amazingly shined by morning rays of the sun. I don‘t have many words to describe how numinous it is then.





**All these trails are easy to moderate for all kinds of people, I don‘t write here alpine trails to Triglav, because I haven‘t try them. If you‘re looking for one, you need to look for the another blog. Like, I own some catalogues about alpine high trails, but rewriting them wouldn‘t be very polite. 🙂

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