S-A-D #4 – Notre Dame de Paris

//One of the most important events in the world history took place in Notre Dame…//


Between the walls of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral takes place the story of Victor Hugo called The Hunchback of Notre-Dame about unfortunate and hunchbacked guy, but the real history of the building itself is also full of unexpected turns and is no less interesting. At the time of the Romans stood on the banks of the Seine church dedicated to the main god Jupiter and in later times was built on these foundations some other places of worship. Cathedral, consecrated to Virgin Mary which you see there today, was built from the initiative of the bishop Paris Maurice de Sully in 1163, but the monumental Gothic building hasnt been finished until 1345. Gates, walls and glass windows of the cathedral with towers without caps, according to which its easily recognizable, is decorated with Bible stories. Their task was to promote the Bible between people who at that time couldnt read. Characteristic is tower, located at the intersection of the main and cross vessel and the bell Emmanuel, who stands in the south (when we stand in the front of building in the right) tower. The bell weighs 13 tons and only his heart itself is 500 kg heavy. Towers reach up to 69-meter height and rosette next to the main entrance has a diameter of 10 meters.
The stormy history of France, of course, didnt go around the cathedral. The largest looting experienced in modern history, during the French Revolution (1789) was plundered. During the Paris Commune (1871) was almost burned, but eventually fell victim to fire only benches and other pieces of furniture. One of the most important events in world history also took place in Notre Dame: Napoleon here in 1804, after he snatched crown from the hands of surprised Pope Pius VII. , proclaimed himself an emperor.







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