European Mobility Week 2015

Hello everybody!

European Mobility Week, which took place from 16th to 22nd September 2015 is week dedicated to mobility in all its forms. People around Europe abandon their vehicles and stretch their legs after all year of traveling in cars or buses, pull out dusty bike from sheds, or finally use rollerblades. Moving from place to place in the town isn’t problem, but traveling between towns maybe for somebody is. But we owe it to the Earth, so I think everybody should pass at least some kilometres, no? 🙂

People from almost 2000 towns around Europe at those days traveled only by vehicles, that doesn’t pollute the environment, e.g. bike, rollerblades, skateboard, scooter (not that motor one!) or on shorter distances by own legs. Simply, car and pollution free. In huge cities around Europe were closed the highways and roads, they were available only for public transport, in order to honor these days and our Earth. Who came to e.g. Paris in one of those days was confused, that what is happening that he can’t get where he wants and the tour bus land him on the edge of the town or in the front of hotel with just a faint explanation.

Did you appreciate our planet Earth this week and traveled only by pollution free vehicles or you didn’t even know about that? I traveled whole week by rollerblades, even to the neighboring town (as if i haven’t done it before, because I don’t own the car hah). So how was your European Mobility Week 2015?

I know I could write about it last week, but I was waiting for one radio to proclaim the results from different towns and cities. 🙂

European Mobility Week in Zagreb, Croatia

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