S-A-D #2 – Tulips in the Netherlands

//He just wanted to show off those bright flowers to his colleagues – scientists…//


World consider the Netherlands as a country of clogs, good cheese and tulips. Original homeland of these magnificient plants isn’t north Europe, we could look for her somewhere in the middle Asia. First bulbs of growing wild tulips got to the Netherlands at the 16th centruy. Here they were naturalized by famous botanist Carolus Clusius, who got to some bulbs in the year 1593 through Konstantinopol (Istanbul nowadays). In the sample garden of Leiden University he just wanted to show off those bright flowers to his colleagues – scientists, but somebody had stolen some bulbs to him, so before long could everybody get to the rare bulbs. Tulips very soon got the hearts of the Dutch, actually the whole Europe: in the 17th century was their price comparable with a price of gold, for one rarer specimen you could get a sum from which you could buy a house. It was a commodity on a stock market, people replaced each other peculiarities, but after years the market got filled up and flower got its ,,normal” place.

Nowadays is in the Netherlands grown on 10000ha and gardening provides living for more than 20000 people. The main grower place had became the west part of a country, area of the towns Lisse, Leiden and Haarlem, but a lot of people look for a town laying near the capital Bollenstreek to admire pompese beauty of red, yellow, purple and white fields of tulips. For several centuries-long peak of breedind activity the Dutch consider a black tulip. Today the country doesn’t export only bulbs, but, thanks to the fast transport, also cut flowers, yearly 800-900 millions of pieces to the all corners of the world.

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