S-A-D #1 – Windmills in Kinderdijk

//The Dutch have become masters, the most important innovators of windmills…//


The windmills of the Kinderdijk are part of the World Heritage since 1997. In the vicinity of a settlement stand nineteen magnificient buildings and some of them are still working. Name of a land laying on the shores of North Sea – Netherlands (Nederland) means lower land, lowland and this title is really suited. After all, if the country wouldn’t be secured by giant dams, Netherlands would lay below the sea level long since. Windmills were originally part of this defensive line, farmers namely by their help distract water from their fields. Since 17th century are these buildings simply identifiable by large shovels of the propellers used for farming purposes: their services were used by wood, color and textile factories. For their goals suited a speed of wind 30km/h, which is almost always blowing in whole flat Netherlands (excepting souther higher parts).

Constructions used for grain milling driven by a wind were used in the centuries before Christ by old Persians, but the Dutch have become masters, the most important innovators of windmills. Buildings reminding huge towers belonged to a panorama of the country in 13th century already, but bulk expansion is dating in the days of 16th century. In the golden age was in whole country working 10 000 windmills of which are preserved to these days barely 1000.

They belong to the important richness of Netherlands, therefore they are extremely protected: restored, regenerated and converted into museums and restaurants and have become peculiar favorite places between foreign tourists in Netherlands.

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