Curiosities in Bratislava

Hello everybody!

As in a lot of other cities are in Bratislava some curiosities that aren’t on any other places in the world. They are all worth of visiting, because taking a photo there would mean a reminiscence after years with a smile on your face when you remember that and recognize it from your memories.

Schone Naci – wasn’t any historical personality, only a man whol always walked through the town in elegant suit and a bowler hat.

Cumil – an unique sculpture looking on you from a channel which, due to unaware drivers had her had broken down twice owns now a road sign with ,,Man at work” on it to get this time noticed.

Napoleonec – is a bronz sculpture of Napoleon’s soldier relying on the bench on the Main square.

Posmievacik – is an unusual fretwork in the shape of small and naked man on the facade of the building in Old Town. It was created probably because of curious neighbour who always monitored what’s new in the house of his neighbours.

Well without the water – this well was dedicated to supply Bratislava castle, but despite the fact that they dug below the level of the Dunaj, the diggers were disgusted of 3,2m high granite layer. If they would be able to break through it, they would get to a reservoir fed directly from the Alps.

The narrowest house in Slovakia – is maybe the narrowest house in the whole Europe, too. It is 130cm wide and before it was a corridor between the houses but then it was built-up with this house.

Sculpture of St. Martin – it was one of the first sculptures in centraleuropean statuary. It lays on side of the St. Martin Church.

Biggest fountain – Druzba fountain on the Square of Freedom /Námestie slobody/ was years ago full of water, but now it is a huge sandpit where are always dozens of children playing there with their toys. Width of the fountain is 45m!

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