Bratislava – city guide

Hello everybody!

Bratislava is the largest city and also a capital of a small country laying in the heart of Europe – Slovakia. It has almost 500 000 inhabitants. It’s divided by a river Dunaj to 2 banks with no exact names, because on these shores are just city parts or settlements.

Traffic site is usually dense while working days at the morning, because almost everybody from the distance around 50km go to the work. Across the town goes a main highway from north of Slovakia (D1), highway from Hungary, highway from Austria and one highway going to Czech (past Malacky). If you get down the highway, you can get lost very easily, but if you will pay attention to road signs, you will get where you want. Only some obscure streets are a bit harder to reach.

If you’re looking for a restaurant, besides all expensive restaurant you’ll certainly find McDonald or other different fast foods on almost every street. But one phenomen is that Bratislava has a lot of pizza restaurants. You’ll find them literally everywhere, but they aren’t organised as fast take-out fastfoods, but as normal restaurants, where you will order a pizza of your choice and you will wait sitting on small chairs in the front of restaurant looking on picturesque streets and enjoying the view to Bratislava castle.

I don’t know a lot about accommodation, but when you find a huge hotel on a plazza, don’t expect it would be cheap. But there are also a lot of hotels in settlements further from frequent roads, where you will certainly find an accommodation for like 40€ per one night.

Bratislava has also a lot of attractions and sightseeing is probably the main activity you can do when you are there for a vacation/trip, so here they are:

Academia Istropolitana – was first humanistic university on the area of the old Kingdom of Hungary. It lays on the Venturska street 3.

Antic Gerulata in Rusovce – Gerulata is an old Romanium encampment. Inside is a museum where are collections of finds found there. It lays on Gerulatska street 69.

Apponyi palace – rococo palace is full of history of viniculture o Slovakia. It lays on Radnicna street 1.

The House of Good Shepherd /Dom u dobrého pastiera/ – is one of the most beautiful buildings in Bratislava and it’s also the narrowest house there. It lays on Zidovska street 1.

Erdody palace – is a luxury rococo palace laying on Venturska street 1.

Grassalkovich palace – the palace is for tourists closed, because it’s the home of offices of the president of Slovakia. Behind the palace is a Grassalkovich garden which is opened every month exceptind December. The garden includes an alley of presidents, where every president visiting bratislava seeds here an oak tree. Palace and garden lay on Hodzovo square /Hodžovo námestie/ 1.

Devin castle – is a castle on the cliff above the confluence of rivers Morava and Dunaj. It lays on Muranska streets in the urban area Devin.

Bratislava castle – is a dominant of the city of Bratislava towering over the Old Town /Staré mesto). It lays on Bratislava – Hrad street.

St. Martin’s Cathedral – is the most famous gothic church of Bratislava located in Old Town on Rudnay square 1.

Michael’s gate – domoed copper roof of Michael’s gate is one of the symbols of Bratislava. It lays on Michalska street 22.

Bridge SNP – on the top of 80m high pylon of the bridge is an restaurant called UFO with a wondeful view to the whole town.

Parliament – is a parliament also known as NR SR located on the cliff over the River Dunaj right in the neighbourhood with the Bratislava castle.

Primatial palace – is a luxury palace with a Fountain of St. Juraj on its courtyard. It lays on Primatial square 1.

Slavin – is a giant war memorial located on the hill with a view to the Bratislava castle. It lays on the Na Slavine street.

Slovak National Theatre – is a historic building in Renaissance style with a national theathre inside. It’s also called SND – Slovenské národné divadlo. It lays on Jesenskeho street 4.

Old Market building /Stará tržnica/ – is a still working market with a fountain called ,,Lev s erbom” in the front of it. It lays on the SNP square 30.

Old Town Hall – inside the building of the Old Town Hall is the oldest museum of Bratislava called Museum of the town (Mestské múzeum) and in summer are in the front of the tower organised cultural events and concerts. It lays on Primatial square in Old Town.

St. Elisabeth’s Church – is known under the name Blue church /Modrý kostol/ because of its beautiful blue painted interior and exterior. It lays on Bezrucova street 2.

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