Beaches on the island of PAG

Hello everybody!

When sightseeing what I mentioned in my last article isn’t very for you and you like sunbathing mostly, an island of Pag offers you a lot of beautiful rocky and sandy beaches which are definitely worth of visiting and trying.

The island of Pag is very rich as to the beaches. There are beautiful beaches in Stara Novalja, Novalja, Šimuni, Košljun, Povljana, Smokvica, Vlašići, but also far away from the towns in small villages like in Goriška Draga, Mali Zaton, Veli Zaton, Malin and Baška slana.

The largest beach of Pag – Zrče beach lays on the way to Novalja from a ferry dock. It’s the most famous beach of all, you can find here all night opened clubs and summer festivals, so it’s very good for young.

The Sveti Duh is a very beautiful beach and it’s the only beach on the Pag that has sandy sea bed. Soft and submissive sand on this beach continues almost 100 metres from the shore so I recommend Sveti Duh for families with children.

The main beach of the town of Pag Prosika is located near to the town. You can rent beach paddles, canoes, ski jets or just play volleyball and enjoy ice cream or fresh cold water in one of the beach bars. There is a big parking lot behind the beach.

The sea in the cove Slana is crystal clear, beach is perfect for sunbathing and I recommend it to the individuals what want to be alone on the beach without stucking in sea with dozens of other people.

The beach Malin is a sandy beach in Paška vrata. There is also a waterfall nearby, so after bathing and sunbathing you can go to a short tour there.

Beaches in Goriška Draga, Malin, Mali Zaton, Veli Zaton and Baška slana can be reached only by boats. On the other hand, the beaches Zrče, Sveti Duh, Šimuni and Povljana are reachable by car, too. The beaches on the island are mostly sandy. Rocky beaches exist only on the west side of the island near the villages Varsan, Dudići, Jakišnica, Potočnica and Tovarnele.

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