Unusual things to do on the island of PAG

Hello everybody!

Now when you know how to get to the beautiful island of Pag, you probably want to know what to do if you’re already there. You can read about common things like visiting Novalja or Pag in every touristic map. But here I’ll write some unusual places you can visit and unusual things you can try, so it won’t be just other common boring vacation – you’ll try and experience something new you’ve never tried before.

The old town of Pag

Stari grad Pag is located one kilometer away from the old town center. Once Stari grad was a big and rich town, fortified by massive gates. The default port city was Košljun, place on the west side of the island. In the Stari Grad was a dock for boats of medium size.
In the Stari Grad are numerous remains of walls and houses, remains of fortifications and roads, but the best preserved are parts of the Franciscan monastery and Romanesque church. The first mention of the church comes from the year 1192.

Dry-stone fences

Dry-stone fences are a significant monument of the hard life and the huge effort of the island’s inhabitants; they were built from skilfully stacked stone on land difficult to cultivate. The dry-stone fence with its shapes, surface, appearance and purpose, is one of the most representative examples of native folk architecture. The dry-stone fences serve as natural borders between patches; they are high enough to prevent sheep from jumping over, and strong enough to stand against the bora winds. Dry-stone fences are an important landscape element and are part of the Croatian rich cultural heritage. You can hang round them and try to absorb all that croatian atmosphere in the air.

Curative mud

Lokunja is the south-west part of the town of Pag, in close vicinity of Prosika. It is apx. 20 000 m² of shallow sea which covers rich layers of curative mud. Its curativeness is proved not only through experience but by many scientific researches. It is used in healing rheumatic and dermatological diseases. The mud is applied to the body and left to dry. After an hour or two, it is simply washed out. The mud is dark grey, almost black. When it oxidizes it is almost white. The tradition of healing with mud has lasted for centuries. The mud can be found in other places also, but not so much as in Lokunja and which is more important, this mud is pure, free of pebbles and sand.

Platform Vidikovac

At the western exit of the town of Pag, on the road that leads to Novalja, after leaving the hairpin bend is on the left side platform Vidikovac. From this platform you can see the whole panorama of the town of Pag and therefore there many tourists use the occasion to shoot a lot of beautiful photos.
In the immediate vicinity of the platform is Gradac, an area in which is dwelling of man from the Neolithic Stone Age. From this place you could easily control the arrival of enemies from any direction.

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