Liebster Award

Thank you a lot, tooruichii / 19-year old student‘s travel notes ( ) for nominating me. I‘m infinitely grateful that you decided my blog is worth it. ❤ What are the rules, my answers to the questions and who will I nominate? Firsly, rules: “Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking […]

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European Mobility Week 2015

Hello everybody! European Mobility Week, which took place from 16th to 22nd September 2015 is week dedicated to mobility in all its forms. People around Europe abandon their vehicles and stretch their legs after all year of traveling in cars or buses, pull out dusty bike from sheds, or finally use rollerblades. Moving from place […]

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S-A-D #3 – The Eiffel Tower

//Its 18,000 parts were produced with millimeter accuracy in the suburbs of Paris…// Bonjour! Constructers had made this towe in 1889 for Paris Worlds Fair, which took place in the centenary of the French Revolution and it’s considered as one of the most famous symbols of the capital of French capital. From the beginning many […]

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Zavratnica Cove & Jablanac

Hello everybody! If you’re planning an outing from which you expect to discover new and interesting destinations, you must visit Zavratnica – ,,a significiant landscape” and one of the most beautiful coves on the Croatian coast. From its first appearance Zavratnica was a flooded valley with 100m high canyon cliffs around. The lenght of the […]

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Adventure park Rizvan City Gospić

Hello everybody! When you want to survive some adventure in the whirl of your summer vacation and you’re vacating somewhere on Kvarner (part of Croatia), certainly go to the adventure park Rizvan City in Rizvanuša near one big town Gospić. It’s full of attractions and come into their own children, teens and adults, too. Here […]

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S-A-D #1 – Windmills in Kinderdijk

//The Dutch have become masters, the most important innovators of windmills…// Hoi! The windmills of the Kinderdijk are part of the World Heritage since 1997. In the vicinity of a settlement stand nineteen magnificient buildings and some of them are still working. Name of a land laying on the shores of North Sea – Netherlands […]

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Saturday – astonishing day!

Hello everybody! After long rethink I decided to do a very unusual serie called ,,Saturday – astonishing day”. It’ll be a serie completed of dozens of articles posted every Saturday. All those articles will be about astonishing wonders from every corner of the Europe I have visited already. First I wanted to do it on Friday, but […]

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