How to get to the island of PAG?

Hello everybody!

You want to spend vacation on a beautiful island of Pag, but you don’t know how to get there. Firstly you get scared how dead does the island look like and now you can’t imagine where is a dock you can board to the boat. Then, when you finally find a port and on the board you find out that you got a seasickness. Problems. A lot of problems. But now I can surely assure you, that island of Pag is all green on the other side and you mustn’t go there only by a ferry.

So how to get there?

  1. by a ferry – dock of the ferry is in town Prizna – apx 13km northern from Karlobag. Journey to Žigljen (place where you get off) takes 15 minutes.

  1. 2. by a bridge – you go by a highway A1 Zagreb – Split and you get off the highway on exit Posedarje, Pag, Paški most. Between Posedarje and bridge is apx. 15km.

So which to choose?

If you prefer comfort, I recommend going by a bridge. It’s longer, because you go by a highway almost to Zadar, but it’s comfortable without any stress. If you want to try something new, go by a ferry. It’s a cool experience and it’s way nearer (you exit from a highway to Gospić, then go to Karlobag and then switch right and continue apx. 13km to Prizna). But watch out! On Sundays are there very long queues because everybody is going to/from vacation and you won’t solve it by going at 4:00am. And it’s paid so when you go with car, it can finally be an expensive experience for you. How to beware them? Either go by a bridge or travel by ferry on working days. 🙂

One more tip: NEVER go to the Pag by ferry without car, because behind the deck is waiting for you over 15km of dead and dry desert.

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