Croatian pay tolls

Hello everybody!

Cestarina – Pay toll – Autobahngebuhr – Pagamento pedaggio. Hell opined in 4 languages. Why hell? Who haven’t traveled to (from) Croatia will never know.

Croatian highways are paid, but they don’t have the system that you buy eurovignette on gas station and continue onwards. Always when you entry the highway you get a card with a name of town where you start. Then, when you want to go away from highway you check on the board in the front of booth of pay toll how much you pay. You can’t go without paying, because everywhere are barriers (only if you would try going across fields). The farther you go, the more you pay.

On pay tolls are usually long queues, mostly on the border ones, these near huge cities or crossroads of highways. Longest queues are at Saturday, when everybody is going to or from sea. The most frequent pay toll where is ALWAYS queue is Zagreb – Lučko. Once I will write an article about by-pass of Zagreb – Lučko through nearest villages. 🙂

If you travel through Croatia very often or you just don’t want to spend a lot of hours every summer on pay tolls, you can buy a permanent card ,,ENC” for different sums you would pay without card (300Kn, 500Kn…) and then you won’t pay antyhing more and pass by long queues in your own lane. You can buy ENC cards in offices of HAC (Hrvatske autoceste) or ARZ (Autocesta Rijeka – Zagreb).



Tables about prices and groups of vehicles (you can also see on pay tolls):

Zagreb – Dubrovnik

Zagreb – Lipovac

cestarina zagreb-lipovac

Zagreb -Goričan

cestarina zagreb-goričan

Zagreb – Macelj 

cestarina zagreb macelj

Rupa – Rijeka

cestarina rupa-rijeka

Krčki most

krčki most

How does it look on Zagreb – Lučko at Saturday evening:


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