Cesarica & Ribarica

Hello everybody! You can spend a calm vacation in weekend localities Cesarica and Ribarica where you find amounts of private apartments and coves with crystal clear sea. There are some small shops and restaurants, too and you have your own private sea if you vacate in houses next to the sea. Localities are situated 5-6km […]

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Hello everybody! If you don’t like crowded croatian resorts, I recommend visiting history breathing Karlobag. Town, that was known from the Roman ages was years ago defensive and administrative center thanks to good accessibility through mountain range Velebit by Oštarije Saddle / Stara vrata. Narrow streets between old houses offer you a chance of romantical […]

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Lake Solina

Hello everybody! Solina is a lake powered by many stream flowing down the surrounding hills. Lake lays in south Poland, near border with Slovakia and Ukraine. You can get there from many roads (from south, north, east & west). Biggest town around is Polanczyk which is also one of the biggest destinations there. It’s full […]

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Croatian pay tolls

Hello everybody! Cestarina – Pay toll – Autobahngebuhr – Pagamento pedaggio. Hell opined in 4 languages. Why hell? Who haven’t traveled to (from) Croatia will never know. Croatian highways are paid, but they don’t have the system that you buy eurovignette on gas station and continue onwards. Always when you entry the highway you get […]

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The old border of HU/HR

Hello everybody! If you vacate every summer in Croatia, you have to know about long queues on the border of Hungary and Croatia. But can you pass queues without crossing fields /what happened to me once 😀 )? You can, and very simply. You’ll go right through an old border station. You can get there […]

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Desserts you HAVE to try in Croatia

Hello everybody! Do you recognize titles like fritule, šipak or baklava? If no, that’s a huge pity for you, because croatian sweet cuisine is amazing and everyone should try all those things at least once in their lifetime. Palačinke Palačinke – pancakes are made in street pancake markets on large heated plates. You can put on Nutella, nuts, […]

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