NP Paklenica

Hello everybody!

National park Paklenica is situated in the southeastern part of the mountain range Velebit and forms a massive rock wall over the Velebit Channel, which is more than 1800 metres high.

Large Paklenica, ravine, which had carved a stream Paklenica a long time ago had nothing to do with its name – paklenica means hell actually. But after major spring rains you can feel like in the hell, when all around you is a defeaning roar of stroams of water falling down from 300-400m high peaks of rocks. Paklenica is comprised of limestone with numerous karst phenomenas. According to experts, canyons Large and Small Paklenica were created when ceilings of caves had collapsed.

Paklenica has more than 150 km of hiking and climbing routes. I can’t exactly tell you what you will see there, because it’s very faceted. You will certainly be surprised what you’ll see there. 🙂

You can get to Paklenica from highway, when you turn to Posedarje (maybe it has its own sign, but we went there by Posedarje 😀 ). When you vacate in Pag, Zadar… dedicate one day to visit this amazing national park, you will not regret it.

Map of Croatia – not my photo

Hiking road

p1 (1)



Something for extremists or people who just HAVE to go across this – me 😦 😀


View from mountain


Hiking road


Tourists in the front of karst formation – not my photo


View from a rpck to canyoo

paklenica (2)

Entry to NP


View to a hiking road


View to sea 


Karst formation without people


Detailed map of NP


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