Folk Art Festival Kežmarok & High Tatras

Hello everybody!

Surviving warm and sunny day in the heart of the High Tatras is not  very common phenomenon, but 11.July 2015 has certainly been like that – and not only warm and sunny, but also full of traditional handcrafts from different regions, hand-made products, period food and folk art. It was a festival of folk crafts, which was organised in the old town Kežmarok under mythical High Tatras.

Visitors arriving from the south could see High Tatras very well from huge distance. After veering off the highway in Poprad we continued by main road to Kežmarok. Parking wasn’t easy to find, we were looking for a place for about half an hour and we finally parked under Lidl. 😀 Then we went to the main square. Right at the beginning of the square was improvised wall in front of which were sold tickets. Adults paid € 5, adolescents 3€ and children were free. At the very beginning was a bouncy castle and shop with ,,trdelníky” directly from the Skalica. Behind the church in the middle of the square began the main street, where on every step were various stalls selling handmade products – Slovak, Czech, Poland, Hungarian, Mongolian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian… You could pass it through and through, and certainly you couldn’t leave empty-handed – for example, I bought a lot of things for my new room, because I’m moving soon. At the end of the street rises the old huge castle. The courtyard was every hour performance – actors still played a different tale. Inside the castle were also performances for which you had to pay and began after midnight – what was for most people who weren’t from around bad. In the courtyard were also presented restaurants and buffets with a variety of traditional dishes – e.g. Dutch cakes (it’s something on P, I forgot the name) In another part of the castle is an exhibition of historic cars – 8 cars, 13 motorcycles and a lot of bikes, for which you also had to pay. At the evening were on the square different groups that had concerts, but also a popular Slovak presenter Andrej Bičan.
The best option was to find accommodation somewhere around before the trip. Then you could go hiking next day to High Tatras.

I can write about 5 different hikes in High Tatras which you can certainly try in every season. Would you want? Right now I have other things to write planned, but I can write about it in September/October. 🙂















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