NP Brijuni

Hello everybody!

This national park in Croatia includes archipelago Brijuni composed of 2 bigger islands – Veli and Mali Brijun and 12 small islets. On Mali Brijun you can get only by a sightseeing boat. Expeditions are held there 3 times a day. On Veli Brijun you have more freedom, through last years it became frequent touristic destination.

You will start from the town you will choose (actually every one on Istria) on land and after apx. 30 minutes you’ll end your cruise on Veli Brijun, where you can visit safari park with elephants, zebras, antelopes… Behind the safari park are remnants of the Byzantine fortress from 2nd century b.c. You can also look for an old Roman villa from 1st century a.d. in the Verige bay or for basilica from earl Christian period.

NP Brijuni lays in the sea of Istria – huge peninsula in the north of Croatia. Brijuni are green islands full of plants – there are more than 680 types of plants!

You can get there from boat from a lot of coastal towns in Istria. Just look for information bords, which are in frequent towns on every step.

Entry depends on prices of various companies. Cruise is usually associated with fish picnic on board which is already included in the price.


Other excursion ship


Brijuni from plane – not my photo



Hotel Neptun


Brijuni – map with details


Byzantine fortress


Little train exploring the island


Zebras in safari park


Byzantine fortress


Map of Istria, Fažana, Brijuni

images (1)

Beach & something looking like seal 😀


Beach – not my photo


Deers in safari park


Brijuni from plane – not my photo


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