NP Sjeverni Velebit

Hello everybody! **Through next upcoming week I probably won’t post anthing, because hotel where I’ll be has only paid wifi and I don’t want to spend money on wifi when I can buy a lot of other more interesting things 🙂 ** Hiking right on the coast? Are you crazy? But no, this is not true because […]

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NP Risnjak

Hello everybody! Visit a national park full of features and bears all around you in a clean environment that is coincidentally just a few kilometers from the sea can be a pleasant idea for people for whom the week burning on the sun and swimming in the sea too much.It’s sufficient to go only 15 km […]

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NP Krka

Hello everybody! Would you like to swim under a mythical waterfall between fish in captivity of clean nature while watching an ancient town Skradin, and in the distance see glimpses of the sea? Croatian national park Krka is system of rapids, cascades and waterfalls, beneath which you can bath or swim. You can also do a […]

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NP Plitvička Jezera

Hello everybody! Would you like to experience the atmosphere of the national park in the interior of the country, away from highway and sea, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the war left behind noticeable traces at every turn? Choose the Plitvice lakes, which meets all requirements. It’s actually 16 terraced lakes interconnected […]

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NP Paklenica

Hello everybody! National park Paklenica is situated in the southeastern part of the mountain range Velebit and forms a massive rock wall over the Velebit Channel, which is more than 1800 metres high. Large Paklenica, ravine, which had carved a stream Paklenica a long time ago had nothing to do with its name – paklenica […]

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Riaba skala & NP Poloniny Slovakia

Hello everybody! Do you want to experience the atmosphere of a clean and untouched nature in remote locations without human civilization? Are you the undemanding hike gaze at the valley, where in the distance you see only two sunken villages while seeing other two countries – Ukraine and Poland? If so, its the tour to […]

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NP Mljet

Hello everybody! National park Mljet is is situated on the northwest side of the island Mljet. The are of the park is more than 50 km2 (information from an information board hh) and in the park is included a Small and Great Lake, too. Overall it’s incredibly green island which will provide visitors a pleasurable […]

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NP Kornati

Hello everybody! Kornati is a group of 147 islands and reefs of different sizes in the south part of North Dalmation islands in the outside strip between islands Žirje and Dugi otok. All islands copy the direction of coastal mountain ranges in Croatia. This archipelago got its name from the biggest island – Kornat. The […]

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NP Brijuni

Hello everybody! This national park in Croatia includes archipelago Brijuni composed of 2 bigger islands – Veli and Mali Brijun and 12 small islets. On Mali Brijun you can get only by a sightseeing boat. Expeditions are held there 3 times a day. On Veli Brijun you have more freedom, through last years it became frequent […]

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