Bloomsbury/Covent Garden/Soho

Hello everybody!

This is a continuation of the London sights serie with some pretty places where you should go!

All Saints – is a church with the most extravagant detailing in London. It’s on Margaret Street 7 in Soho. Entry is free.

Fo Guang Shan Temple – is a Buddhist temple in the opposite of All Saints church on Margaret Street in Soho. Entry is free.

British Library – there is one piece of every book that is printed in the U.K. It’s on 96 Euston Road in Bloomsbury. Entry is free.

British Museum – is one of the biggest museum in the world. There is everything. It’s the bigger model of Ashmolean Museum (Oxford). It’s on Great Russell Street in Bloomsbury/Soho. Entry is free.

Cartoon Museum – is an original museum full of cartoons. You can also read some cartoons about Mr. Bean on 1st floor. It’s on 35 Little Russell Street in Bloomsbury. Entry is free.

Covent Garden Piazza – is a market full of expensive branded stores, like Gucci, Dior, Burberry… Around them are a huge Apple Store, Disney Shop, TK Maxx or M&S. Inside the market are some souvenir shops and an open-air ,,concert” hall. It’s a little square, where unknown musicians show off their talent in the front of eyes of dozens of people. It’s in Covent Garden.

Dickens’ House – is a house of Charles Dickens and a museum about him inside of it. It’ on 48 Doughty Street in Bloomsbury. Entry costs 5 pounds.

King’s Cross Station – is (was) the biggest station in London. Nowadays are around it fashion clubs. It’s in Bloomsbury.

London’s Transport Museum – you can see there whole evolution of traffic in London. It’s on 39 Wellington Street in Covent Garden. Entry costs 8 pounds.

National Gallery – is a museum of arts (gallery) on Trafalgar square in Soho. There are oeuvres from every famous artist, like Sunflowers from Van Gogh. Entry is free.

National Portrait Gallery – is a gallery full of portraits of famous people behind the National Gallery in Soho. Ground Floor is free, but if you want to see everything, you have to pay 2 pounds.

Piccadilly Circus – on this square is a high statue of Eros and a huge bilboard. It’s in Soho.

Somerset House – is a complex of museums on the waterfront of the River Thames in Covent Garden. entry costs 5 pounds.

St Pancras – is an old victorian building rebuilt to the Midland Grand Hotel. It’s in Bloomsbury and a view to it is free.

Trafalgar Square – is probably the most famous square in London. There is a 50 metres high Nelson’s Column, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery or a big fountain on it. It’s in Soho.

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