London – guide

Hello everybody!

London is one of the biggest cities in the world. But it isn’t just a city, it’s a notion, because London by the years became a dreamplace for millions of people, who try to find better life there.

Traffic site is very dense, you can stay there stuck in traffic for hours. When you go there by a car, you can’t find any car parks, because there aren’t actually any car parks near those attractions. A lot of people go there by a bus and this just spit out you there on a bus station, e. g. under the Big Ben, and then you are on legs all day and usually night, too.

Get ready for long queues of people everywhere – on streets, in the front of shops and attractions, in the front of cashes (mostly) or on the squares, because you aren’t sole who want to visit London.

When you’re looking for a restaurant, expensive restaurants aren’t usually on squares in the city centre, but tucked into small streets. But when you want fast food, McDonald, KFC or Burger King are on every step.

Also, when you need coffee, Starbucks is usually on every street, or when you won’t find Starbucks, you will certainly find Café Nero or Costa Cafe.

Good souvenir shops are on Leicester square, you can buy there everything – from london magnets and London earphones to London phone cases. On Leicester square is also a huge M&M shop. I love M&M and I bought there 1kg of them. 😀

When you’re looking for an accommodation, I wrote about accommodation in big cities in previous post called ,,Accommodation in big cities” (obviously), so you can check it and read about it. You will find that in Archive on the right side of a web page in May.

I wrote a full list of London attractions and interesting places using a lot of guides, so you can find here almost everything, what is there, but I divided it into a few sections and I will post it by days.

Just a little example, how a traffic looks like.

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