Budapest – city guide

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Budapest is a beautiful picturesque town in the heart of Hungary. It has everything, what a capital city has to have – parliament, castle, churches, arenas, big shopping cenres… Now I’m going to do a guide for everybody who wants to visit Budapest. River Duna (Danubia, Donau, Dunaj) has divided Budapest to 2 parts – Buda and Pest. Buda is older, it is also called Old Buda and Pest is more modern and new.

Traffic site is very dense, queues are almost always everywhere. A lot of car parks are there, too, bud they are usually paid and full. Good tip: On SATURDAY and SUNDAY is every car park in town free. You can find bike station on almost every street, so I recommend park somewhere near that station, borrow bike and then go discover and explore Budapest. These bikes are specifically green, you will certainly see them. You also can use metro, it’s cheap, but first find a map of the metro, because it’s not very easy to orientate there, because it has 3 routes (M1, M2, M3).

If you’re looking for a restaurant, it won’t be difficult, because you can find restaurants on every step. When you want to feel ,,south sea mood” (there’s not a sea, but it’s not too far), try restaurants on the boats on Duna, where theay offer fish specialities.

When you’re looking for an accommodation, you can find here the most expensive hotels (International hotel), but a lot of inexpensive hotels, apartments and rooms, too.

Almost everybody goes to Budapest because of atractions, so here they are:

Országház – is a building of Hungarian parliament. It’s on the waterfront of Duna in Pest. It’s one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.


Buda Castle – /Buda Palota/ is a castle on knoll upon the park in Old Buda (Buda). You can get here on feet by stairs in park or by cableway going there from the Buda waterfront of Duna.

St. Stephen’s Basilica – /Szent István Bazilika/ is a big picturesque basilica in Pest on Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street.

Chain Bridge – /Széchenyi Lánchid/ is a suspension bridge upon Duna, but it’s called ,,chain” because ,,Lánchid” verbatim means chain.

Fisherman’s Bastion – /Halászbastya/ is in Buda on the same street as the Buda Castle.

Matthias Church – /Mátyas templom/ is in Buda on the same square as Fisherman’s Bastion.

Shoes on the Danube Bank – is a memorial on the Pest’s waterfront of Duna created for victims shot into Duna in 1944-1945.

Andrássy avenue – /Andrássy útca/ is a boulevard with a lot of boutiques in Pest.

City Park – /Budapest varosliget/ is a park with huge lake near Hungária road in Pest.

Vajdahunyad Castle – /Vajdahunyad vára/ is a castle in City Park in Pest.

Memento Park – is a open-air museum in Memento park on Balaton street in Buda.

Budapest ZOO and Botanical Garden – is in City Park In Pest.

Citadella – is also called Liberty statue. It’s situated on the hill upon Duna in Buda and you will immediatelly see that from waterfront in Pest.

Papp László Arena – is arena, where are organised the biggest concerts. It’s at the crosswords of Hungária road and Kerepesi street in Pest. It looks like a cockroach.

Zugligeti Libegó – is a cableway (chairlift) in Buda hills in Buda.

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