Warwick castle

Hello everybody! Warwick is a town on the way from Birmingham to London near Coventry and there’s one big interest – Warwick castle. It’s the biggest castle in England. When you enter there by first gate, on the right side you’ll see sweet shop and straightly in the front of you is an entry to […]

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Hello everybody! Oxford is a big city surrounded by a river from each side. Probably everyone knows Oxford because of Harry Potter. But there are also more things, what are all very beautiful and it’s certainly worth to visit them. First is Ashmolean Museum. It’s free, you don´t have to pay anything, but it’s prohibited to […]

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Cadbury World

Hello everybody! Cadbury World is a chocolate factory in Birmingham. It’s situated in an old city area (sorry, I forgot a name, because it’s difficult word to remember), where John Cadbury years ago instituted his town, where he lived with workmen of his factory and their families. When you enter to a building and pay […]

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Hello everybody! Coventry is a big town 37 km away from Birmingham (south). It’s 172 km from London by the main highway to north. Traffic site can sometimes be very dense, especially at the morning, when everybody’s going to the work or school. It’s not a city, but there are a lot of streets, where you can […]

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Accommodation in big cities

Hello everybody! Sometimes it’s really difficult to find accommodation in big cities, because it’s really expensive (hotels), or when you order an apartment or room in settlement, you can’t find it there, because it’s not on map and it’s situated on small street. When you want to fall asleep, you can’t, because you hear loud […]

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Budapest – own experiences

Hello everybody! I went to Budapest last week because of WTCC on Hungaroring. It was long weekend, because of 1st May. I slept 2 nights in Kerepes, which is a village near Budapest (2km from settlement). But I was in Budapest a lot of times, I’m going there next month again, I have family there and […]

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Budapest – city guide

Hello everybody! Budapest is a beautiful picturesque town in the heart of Hungary. It has everything, what a capital city has to have – parliament, castle, churches, arenas, big shopping cenres… Now I’m going to do a guide for everybody who wants to visit Budapest. River Duna (Danubia, Donau, Dunaj) has divided Budapest to 2 […]

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WTCC 2015 on Hungaroring

Hello everybody! WTCC means World Touring Car Championship and it’s divided to 4 races. It was from 1 May to 3 May. Main race was on Sunday (3rd May) and trainings were on Saturday (2nd May) and Friday (1st May). Tickets for adults costed 4900 Ft, which is apx 20 euros and you could by […]

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